• Cupcakes & Coffee If 50 Shades of Grey met Bridget Jones and had an Eat Pray Love child, it would be this book!

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Sam’s fast heading towards forty, about to publish her self-help book on relationships, works as a love-coach yet she’s single! She hasn’t missed the irony. Looking to find what’s missing in her life she sells her house in London and moves to San Francisco where she embarks upon an unlikely romance with 21 year old Jax.

Jax escorts her down some erotic sex clubs, some heart breaking insights, opens her up to her vulnerable sexual self, all allowing her to take a real look at what was really missing in her life, herself!

Cupcakes and Coffee is a fictional memoir based on some real life events, which chronicles this moment in our time for many women.

Cupcakes and Coffee is laugh out loud funny, heart-warming, shocking and erotic. One Independent Woman’s Search for Self-Love Through…. Sex.


*Use headphone for this extra sensory, tongue in cheek film.


VERY hot book by a great writer. Sexy page turner and pretty deep in parts. Great for men and women who want an educational read with a believable story, not just a tacky porn novel. I loved it and it made me blush in all the right ways. Tony Mortimer East 17

I read three pages and it was ‘hard’… to put it down! Love Rebecca Stone’s writings style, sexy and captivating. It pulls you in and seduces you with words. Having moved from London to L.A I enjoyed reading about the life shift the lead character makes from London to San Francisco. Starting a new life is difficult, but that’s the way it is. Stone makes you feel like you’re living it with her. Would have loved to have met the lead character on my travels. A great book for intelligent minds who love great sex. BILLY MORRISON Guitarist for Billy Idol/Royal Machines. Actor. Writer. Artist.


About the Author : Rebecca Stone

Rebecca Stone is the alter ego of a popular self-help author who shall remain nameless.
As an archetypal muse Rebecca Stone is powerful, feminine, sensual and provocative. She believes you can see heaven in another persons eyes and feel the universe though sensual touch. She doesn’t promote random promiscuous sex, but says you know in a moment what is right and what not and you can go with the flow and have some amazing experiences, if you know how to listen to your authentic heart. The world needs more empowered stress free people who connect to love over fear, Rebecca is on a mission to make that happen.